Back to Basics - Holga and Pinhole cameras

I've purchased a couple of low end film cameras recently, to get back to basics. The first I bought is a Holga medium format camera. It's inexpensive with basic settings and made of plastic. Below are few examples from my first developments. As you can see they are a bit rough and getting the focus right is a bit of challenge but I'm loving it because it's so different from what I get on my polished 5d ii. The main reason I wanted a few film cameras was to return to photography basics where each shot counts. It's sometimes too easy to run hundreds, if not thousands of shots off on a digital camera. Also experimenting with double exposure is something you don't really think about with a digital.

I also brought a beautifully crafted wooden pinhole camera. It's made by a guy in Poland who seems to sell them exclusively on ebay. I was really excited to receive it as the craftsmanship is awesome. I've taken a few shots and will post my results soon.